DJ Feral - DJ/Production/Audio Engineer

DJ Feral"I spin to sync up with your mind...your body follows...a connection flows between your chakras... ecstatic experiences . "

DJ Feral's recent set at Sea of Dreams New Year's Eve combined his mixing skills with the vocals of talented rap artist Shameless Heather. For 2011, Feral will be appearing with other great DJ talents such as Cheb i Sabbah, Jef Stott, Karsh Kale, Dragonfly, as well as Festivals including Hookahdome @ Burning Man, Harmony and Montezuma Gathering. Feral's mixes transform the dance-floor using organic elements of voice, percussion, Asian and Middle Eastern instruments combined with bhangra, electronic beats, breaks, and ethno-dubstep. Bay Area appearances include Hookahdome, Sea of Dreams NYE, Axis Mundi, Anon Salon, Decompression, Precompression, Burnal Equinox, Superhero Street Fair, Love Parade, Shockra, and more.

DJ Feral also excels in special event audio engineering, video systems, and large-scale electrical power generation and distribution.

Shameless Heather - Rap & Bhangra Vocals

Shameless Heather
Freestyling, smiling and beguiling, Shameless Heather rocks the mic so viciously with improvised vocals and sexy, clever raps. Her trademark style betrays her love of language and the intersection of science, spirituality and sexuality. In San Francisco, she's led the Love Parade three times, brought in the New Year at the Sea of Dreams, MC'ed countless Burning Man Events, sang and rapped at Supperclub, 1015 Folsom, Anon Salon and Mighty. An adventurer at heart, Shameless Heather has traveled the world and shamelessly wrangled her way on to stages and into recording studios with DJs in Thailand, China, Indonesia, Switzerland, Spain, New Zealand, and Guatemala. When she's not dropping rhymes with DJs, she delivers Singing Telegrams around the Bay Area dressed as Marilyn Monroe, Nurse Ophelia Payne, or one of her dozens of other characters.

Auntie Matter - Doumbek/Percussion

Auntie MatterFeatured in RAVE Magazine India, MAGICAL BLEND Magazine USA, KINDRED SPIRIT Yoga Journal UK, WELL BEING Magazine AU, and the new reprint of Timothy Leary's START YOUR OWN RELIGION, Auntie Matter's shamanic sound “happenings” have been much enjoyed as a mainstay in the World Beat & Conscious Dance community for over nine years. Rooted in the mysterious all night trance rituals of the ancient Vedic Pashupati Yoga sect, her improvisational, pulsing World Beat Trance Drumming is a modern expression of the yoga of 'Anahata-nad': in the moment self-arising sound. Whether she is teaching, playing with her band Axis Mundi, other ensembles, DJ's, or as a percussionist for rituals and dance performances, her intuitive, organic percussion invokes a journey through the deepest dimensions of rhythmic trance and shamanic states, infusing Conscious Dance, Flow Movement and Dynamic Moving Meditation with the living energies of sacred sound and field transformation.

Kitty Wells Bells- Crystal Bowls

Kitty Wells

Will Cloughley- Visuals/Projections

Will CloughleyWill makes eye-popping media installations for clients ranging from the rock band Primus (at the Warfield and the Henry J. Kaiser Auditorium) to an immersive environment with video and lasers (in a 40,00 sq. ft. auditorium in Las Vegas) for a major corporation during COMDEX. Slide projectors equipped with Will's proprietary special gear—like the ball level plates shown in the picture—permit cost effective coverage of large areas while video projections are strategically merged into stunning composite slide projection designs. All imagery is original art and can be scaled to fit a wide variety of occasions and budgets. More of Will's work can be seen at